The purpose of the Mile High Chapter of the Buick Club, Inc. is to encourage the interest, use, preservation and restoration of all Buick Automobiles through educational presentations, dissemination of technical and historical information and social meetings and gatherings. The MHBC was founded in 1973.

We bought this car in 1973.  It is an nice original car with 120,000 miles which is unusual for a car of this vintage.  We have the original bill of sale for it and it was bought at Fishel-Walker Buick that was at Colfax and Lincoln.  The original owner paid $2300 for it (could have bought 3 Model A Fords), and was on the road in August of 1928, so it is one of the first '29 models built.  It is the largest of three series of Buick sedans.  The son of the original owner told us it was in daily use through the early thirties till it became a second car in the family.  During world war two, it was rarely driven as it knows what to do with a gallon of gas.  When the original owner died in the fifties it went into storage for 20 years till his wife died and we bought it.  The engine, same as in our roadster, is a 310 cubic inch over head valve six.  It is the only part of this car that has been restored.  Other cars of this model have been restored using this car a a guide to paint and pin striping.

94 Roadmaster Sedanette

In 1953 my husband was in the Navy and was coming home to Colorado from Korea to go to submarine school in Groton, Connecticut.  We needed a car and we waited on my parent's porch for a man to come with a car for us to look at.  A black car drove by, and I said, 'I want one just like that.' We bought the beautiful black 1947 Roadmaster, drove it to Connecticut, back to Denver, then to San Diego and back and the only thing we had to do was change a fan belt! 
As our children were born we always felt safe with the children in the back seat (before seat belts and car seats).  Black Beauty took us to the hospital each time, took us on visits to grandparents, and all of our other adventures.  During a flood, it was carried down the street but the engine started right away when we got to her!   We drove Black Beauty until 1964  She sat in our garage but our boys played pranks, scratched her up a bit, and put rocks in the gas tank! 
Finally in 1986 we had Black Beauty restored including the entire interior.  We were delayed by several months but when we finally brought her home it was a real joy with everyone taking a second look at our Black Beauty!

In August of 1999, I received a call from another MHBC member asking if I still wanted to buy the 1932 Buick.  I was a Buick Club member, also, and I had been asking him about buying his car.  I immediately said, 'Yes' and we settled on a price and we went to pick it up.  I drove it home, and put it in the garage until the following Spring.
In May I contacted an auto body man.  The car had only a few minor dents.  The engine had been rebuilt recently, and it was in good running condition.  The Buick was dark green and black with a tan interior.  Paint was almost completely worn off.  And the seats needed reupholstering.
My auto body man looked at the car and agreed to do the work, but he would need my help.  So, I agreed to do so!  We took the body all apart and brought it all down to bare metal.  Seats and interior came out and we used that for a pattern and my wife and her sister made new door panels, reupholstered the seats, headliner, and interior component parts.  We picked out new paint colors of maroon and gray.  We had seen in an ad that those were factory colors in 1932.
By September the paint was completed, the bumpers were re-chromed and car was reassembled.  With the purchase of six new white wall tires, we were off and running.
We are very proud of our car and have taken it in parades and shows around Colorado, but the most fun was than taking it to the Buick Nationals in Flint, Michigan for the 100th Birthday Party.

Our 1965 Buick Skylark Convertible was born in Fremont, California, a suburb of San Jose.  We are the 2nd owners of this vehicle which we have named 'Red Beauty' for our CB handle.  The original purchase price was $3,473 which included features  such as a Super Turbine 300 Transmission, radio, back-up lights and Soft Ray tinted glass and a remote controlled rear view mirror!     The original color on this V-8 was Burgundy Mist, but we  have repainted her with a more popping red.  Red Beauty has Positive Traction and  is equipped with a spotlight which is always a talking point at car shows.  We have the original booklets and also the Buick Protect-O-Plate!  The lights across the rear were originally designed by the Buick engineers to be sequential, but for some reason the engineers dropped that thought.     We have added air shocks, the motor has been rebuilt, along with the tranny and the radiator.  We have only been in the Collective Car hobby for 10 years, but we have managed to take trips to Nebraska, Missouri,  Utah,  and Deadwood, So. Dakota along with our home state and Gateway, Colorado.  People are always amazed at the size of the trunk.  It can hold a large cooler, table and chairs,  and a well equipped tool box and luggage for a road trip!

1967 Buick Skylark GS400 convertible.  2,140 total production. 400 cubic inch, 340 HP, 3 speed Super Turbine transmission, 2.93 positraction differential.  0 - 60 MPH in 6 seconds.(Car & Driver Magazine) 

I have wanted one of these cars for many years and finally found one. I have collected manuals and literature for years knowing I would find one some day!  I consider the body styling to be the best Buick has ever built.

67 Skylark GS400

Until 1995, this 1942 Buick Special, model 46 (business sedanet---no back seat to allow for the salesman's samples) resided in California, then in Gold Beach, Oregon, where it was restored by the previous owner.   After seeing two ads in the Buick Bugle and Hemmings Motor News, each with a different price for the same car, I knew that here was a seller willing to negotiate.  And that's just what we did by phone, and I purchased it sight unseen.  It was trucked in from Oregon, arrived with a dead battery and a full tank of gas!  Since I have owned it I've had to do only relatively minor repairs and have upgraded the tires to radials in order to improve handling.  Like all old car owners say, "I should" do this or "I should" do that in order to make it better.  But then too, it seems to age rather gracefully as is, I think, with over 175,000 total miles on it since new..  It features the usual straight eight engine, a heater / defroster, electric clock, AM radio and compound carburetor (an extra cost on the Special models)   Buick production ceased February 2, 1942 due to World War II, so any 1942 car is rare, and this model was not so popular due to the lack of a back seat.   

55 66R Century 2dr

This car is a DynaFlow Super Straight 8, 2-door hardtop.

It is all original and unrestored. It is turquoise and white with only 48,600 miles.

It is in excellent condition and it is mechanically sound. It is the winner of BCA Archival Award at the Buick Nationals in 2009.

It is still family owned and has always been garaged.

48 Roadmaster

This car has was recently donated to the Sloan Museum in Flint, Michigan. There were 10,000 of these beauties made.  This well equipped Roadmaster 75 has power steering, power brakes, power antennae, power seats, a body decked out with chrome and a new drawer pull grill with rectangular chrome squares.  On the rear deck "ROADMASTER" is spelled out in block lettering underneath the Buick emblem (photo attached). The car is 219" long, 80" wide, and weighs 4,668 lbs!  The only optional accessory missing is air conditioning! It was purchased from a family member, has always been in Denver and for the past 5 years, has been under restoration including: engine (364 cu in) & transmission (Dynaflow automatic) rebuilt, minimal exterior body restoration and paint job (still original color-Green Mist Metallic), and interior restorations.   This is a difficult car to find parts for, but I persevere. There continue to be a few small things that need completion, but 2013 show season it is on the road!

Our 1964 Buick LeSabre was purchased in November of 1963 by my parents.  The Model number is 4469 - a 4 door sedan.  The production sequence is 5919.  It has a 355 "Wildcat" engine (300 CI, 250 BHP, 4BBL, V-8).  Transmission is a super turbine 300 two speed automatic.  The optional equipment that was added was air conditioning, front seat belts and electric antenna (called a fishing rod due to its length). 

My father passed away in 1972, at the age of 62, and my mother moved in with my sister, who had a car, so the 1964 LeSabre was garaged for over 30 years.  During this time, the car was started to try to keep the fluids flowing.  I received the car in 2004 and got it to our home in 2007.  We cleaned the motor, had the radiator flushed, some electrical wires replaced and had it painted the original color, "Diplomat Blue".  The interior is all original and only needed a little cleaning.  We have named this beautiful car, "HEAVEN SENT".

48 Roadmaster

58 Roadmaster 4DR Hardtop

52 56R 2DR HT

29 Model 57 4dr Sedan

64 LeSabre 4469 4DR

20 4dr Touring Conv. Model K-49

53 Skylark 76X

69 Electra 225 2DR HT

31 Model 66-S 2DR

53 Special 2DR H/T 

42 Model 46 2DR

32 Model 87 4dr

64 Skylark 2dr

65 Buick Skylark Convertible

I purchased my 1957 Buick Century/Rivera in 2009. It has been a tremendous challenge, demanding patience, and at the same time a labor of love locating rare parts and diagnosing all the concerns involved.

The biggest joy involved is being in the Rocky Mountain Chapter of the Buick Club of America, has brought on new experiences and life long friendships which I value as priceless.

I bought this car in 1958 in Sacramento.  The engine was so worn out that it went through 3 quarts of oil driving across town.  A few days later, the cam gear went bald.  Since I worked in an engine rebuilding shop, the engine was rebuilt totally and now runs delightfully well.  In 1964 it was driven from Sacramento to Denver.  There were tire issues, but the car itself performed well through the mountains.  Much of the chassis has been restored, but the body still needs a complete restoration.  Since the top had been customized and there wasn't much left of the original, I was able to borrow an original one to copy and make a correct one for it.  It has a rumble seat.  The engine, same as in our sedan, is a 310 cubic inch over head valve six with a five inch stroke.  The transmission is all straight cut gears with NO syncronizers.  Double clutching and other techniques are required for smooth operation.

1957 Century 4 DR HT

In 1953 General Motors added a sporty look to their top of the line models with the Buick Skylark, Cadillac Eldorado, Olds Fiesta, and Chevrolet's first corvette.

To celebrate their 50 years in business, Buick called the Skylark their "Anniversary Convertible." it was also the first year for the Buick's new 322 cubic inch V8 engine.

The Skylark was customized on the Buick Roadmaster base by chopping the windshield, putting a dip in the belt line, and adding a solid stainless steel sweep spear. They came standard with power steering, power brakes, and a hydraulic system to operate the windows, seat, and convertible top. They also all came with Kelsey-Hayes wire wheels. Only 1690 were built and sold for $5,000.

I have owned this Pinehurst green Skylark since 1970.

90 Reatta Convertible

It started as a 1972 Skylark GS replica, Green Bench Seat Car.  I have refurbished it to have bucket seats in black with a console.
The exterior  color is now Fire Red.  The interior was done in my shop.

This Vehicle is categorized as a "nostalgia car" as it was acquired to rekindle memories of a similar vehicle which we owned new in 1964. Although this particular car's color is different than our original one (original was blue with white top), it is identical in model, and equipage, other than the fact that our original one had AC.

The original car arrived at our household in Columbus, Ohio while my wife was in the hospital and was used to transport her and our first child home from the hospital after his birth in April 1964. The vehicle was then used for a trip across Canada to Montana and then on to Kansas, 3 years at Forbes AFB, Topeka KS (including towing a boat to Pomona Reservoir for many fun outings), and being shipped to Kadena, AB Okinawa in 1967 where it provided great service for 3 more years and was sold in 1970 rather than returned to the US.

This current vehicle was purchased on E-Bay in 2005 from Washington state and is original except for exterior paint, e.g. it has original upholstery, 300 V-8 engine, 4 barrel intake, a rebuilt Holly 600 CFM carburetor, automatic transmission and 15in. Rallye wheels. It also has an"Owners Manual", "Assembly Manual" and a "Buick Chassis Maintenance Manual"

Buick produced the Reatta carline from the 1988 model year through the 1991 model year. The Reatta convertible was produced in the 1990 model year when 2132 were produced and 1991 when 305 produced. The standard and only available engine was the 3.8 litre V6. In 1990, the sticker price was over $36,000 with only two available options- A 16 way power drivers seat and a compact disc player. This particular car was sold new by Sun Buick Inc. of Scranton, PA and has just over 40,000 miles on it.

1929 Buick 121 Model 44 Roadster

The pictured Model 44 was pulled from an Idaho farmer’s field Caldwell, Idaho in the early spring of 1965.  Sitting on a 5-gallon bucket supported by two boards that straddled the two steel frame rails, Uncle Bob Moore wrapped a scarf around his neck, tucked the lengths into his jacket, turned up his collar and drove the roadster 32-miles to his home.  Curry, Bob’s teenage nephew, who assisted that Saturday morning in extracting the Buick from the field exclaimed, “Are you going to make a car out of that?”  The years in the field had destroyed a lot of the wood skeleton and rust had eaten through several of the metal skins.  In 1965 and 1966 the roadster went through it’s first and extensive restoration.  Fast forward the story, the car ended up in the hands of Uncle Bob's niece in Evergreen, CO and the car began a frame off restoration in September 2013 and was completed in September 2014.

29 Buick Roadster