The purpose of the Mile High Chapter of the Buick Club, Inc. is to encourage the interest, use, preservation and restoration of all Buick Automobiles through educational presentations, dissemination of technical and historical information and social meetings and gatherings. The MHBC was founded in 1973.

Once you become a member you will receive the electronic edition of Portholes, The MHBC Monthly Newsletter.

The Friends of The Mile High Buick Form is now here and ready to print. Friends of The Mile High Buick Club are former members that no longer own a Buick. You can send the form to Jim Waltz to the mail address at the bottom of the form.

Then please fill out the application to become a member for the Mile High Buick Club. The Mile High Buick Club application can be mailed to the address at the bottom of the application from the link below.

To become a member of the Mile High Buick Club you must first fill out the application for the Buick Club of America membership below. The Buick Club of America application can be submitted online from the link below.