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Besty's Grand Adventure

many of you knew Ed Hendricks, who passed away in January. In addition to his 1966 green Thunderbird, Ed also owed this gorgeous 1958 Buick Roadmaster 75. In May, Barb followed the Buick in her 2002 Retro Bird to a new home at the Sloan Longway Museum in Flint, MI. The trip took 3 days on US 30 trying to recreate travel in 1958. Also traveling with the cars was Nathan Adler from who wrote daily posts and completed three videos of the trip.

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Ed & his 1958 Roadmaster

Besty.... The 1958 Roadmaster 75

Some of us might know the story of the 58 Roadmaster that the late Ed Hendricks was so proud of. After sitting idle for many years, the restoration was completed in the Spring of 2013. Together with Barb, he accepted many awards as she was shown at classic car events.

As Ed's health deteriorated, he made arrangements with the Sloan Longway Museum in Flint, Michigan, for 'Besty'to be donated. Ed's wish originally was to be able to drive 'Besty' across America on Route 66 with Barb. When Ed passed away, Barb made arrangements with Sloan Longway and Jeremy Dimick (Curator of Collections) for Besty and an entourage to drive 1400 miles in 27 hours and 3 days to Flint Michigan. Besty would become an  integral part of their 'Restore the Roar' exhibit and then permanently in their Buick generations of automobiles.

So, on Tuesday, May 13th several friends of the MHBC and the TBird clubs gathered at the Hendrick's home for the sendoff. Glenn and Sharon Lockmon drove their 1965 Buick Skylark in the entourage for the first leg which was from the neighborhood to Hwy 88 where they waived them off. Our thought was 'what an undertaking' as the year 1958 as to be recreated by route, cafes and motels on the journey to Flint!

Besty was driven by the Curator of Sloan, 2014 Buick Regal (provided by Buick division) was driven by a media representative, and BArb and her friend Linda navigated with Barb's 2002 TBird.

The Roadmaster got 10 mpg as compared to the Regal's 26, but when a longtime dream is being realized, 'whats the difference?'

Rest in Peace, Ed Hendricks and be proud that your Roadmaster is an ionic piece to the Buick brand at Sloan Longway!